Josh John

Josh John Photos

Josh John is a commercial and fine art photographer based in Oxfordshire and covering the south Midlands specialising commercially in product shots, interiors and exteriors and personally in documentary work and the exploration of memory and the self.

Coming from a creative household he has always been interested in art and the creation of it. First studying an art and design foundation he went on to specialise in photography at the university of Portsmouth.

John's more recent work has looked into the aftermath of the of the 1984/5 miners strikes and how the closures have affected the mining communities in the present day, exploring the privatisation of the mines left open, the camaraderie of the former and current workers and the inevitable devastation that was left after the pits were finally closed.

While working on personal projects John has always strived to better his commercial style and ability, taking whatever time he can in the studio or on location.